Monday, 17 April 2017

Final Edit of Title Sequence

Final Edit

This is the final edit and final version of our title sequence, The Journey.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Final Thoughts


With regards to filming, I feel as if our schedule for filming should have been a bit more frequent instead of concentrating on other aspects of the coursework, such as blogging and our evaluation (towards the end of the coursework). I feel as if communication with most members of the group was good and we created a group chat to organise when we were going to film for both our title sequence and group videos for the evaluation. However, I feel as if the communication for the most part of the task was not suitable and we should have made more of an effort to arrange filming dates. 

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Preparation and Filming Day 15

Filming Day 15

On Saturday 15th I filmed some extra footage at my house to add the extra and final pieces to our title sequence. I filmed a few pieces of footage to show the comparison and contrast of little Jack's career to older Jack's career. Firstly, I filmed a scene of Spurs shirt with boots and a trophy on top of it with my phone. This is to show it is home footage and how excited I am about having these accolades and items. This is in comparison to Kallum and Kaan filming one of Kallum's brother's shirt and boots to show the progression. Also, I filmed some of my trophies along with some Tottenham shirts for a scene we could add some titles in. I sent these clips to Kaan as he is the head editor and has the necessary tools at hand to edit.

Image result for spurs shirt 2017

Evaluation pt7

Question 7

The last question of the evaluation is: Looking back to your preliminary task, what do you feel that you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

We answered this question as a group as we felt our answers and opinions were very similar. We recorded this on Tolani's phone and uploaded it to Soundcloud - 

Friday, 14 April 2017

Evaluation pt6

Question 6

The sixth question of the evaluation is: What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing the product? 

We also decided to answer this question as a group as we all had different and new experiences with technology as a group. We used a green screen in this video also. 

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Evaluation pt5

Question 5

The fifth part of the Evaluation task is; how did you appeal/attract your audience? 

Firstly, I feel as if we appealed and attracted our audience by creating one character who can appeal to many males of different ages. Jack is portrayed to be at two stages of his life in our media product, both at the age of 12-13 and around 17-18. This appeals to audiences because this allows for a wide range of boys to relate to the protagonist and build a connection, whether it be through real life issues, the common interest of football or having dreams and aspirations. This would then build up interest from possible viewers of the media product and would then lead to increased ticket sales. In addition, this story line can also appeal to males of older ages because it could be reminiscent/nostalgic of dreams and aspirations they had when they were younger.

Furthermore, another way in which our media product appealed/attracted audiences was by the use of star power. We tried to use and incorporate big names within the film industry that would be very likely to feature in an independent and niche film. We used stars such as Tom Holland, who plays Peter Parker in the upcoming Spider-Man film, and Jacob Tremblay, who featured in the Smurfs 2. We felt as if these up and coming, young actors would relish the chance to feature in this film and as if they would attract people to come and see the media product due to those being young but at the same time well known and well received actors. 

In addition, we also appealed to our audience by asking them to view our title sequence and fill out a feedback sheet on what they feel would improve the product and what they liked about the product. We felt as if this was very beneficial and necessary because they were the demographic that we were trying to appeal to and getting possibly improvements would give us an indication as to what would make our product better. We did receive good feedback and we made the recommended changes in order to get more people to be appealed to our product. 

Preparation and Filming - Day 14

Filming - Day 14

On Thursday 13th, myself and Kaan got the train to White Hart Lane, home of Tottenham Hotspur, to get some footage around the ground and of a poster inside the Spurs shop. We did this because older Jack does sign for his boyhood club, Tottenham and we felt it would be a good idea to include some footage, and an over the shoulder shot, in the title sequence. We took a tripod and camera with us.